On this page you will meet a few of our pets that have moved on from this life but not from our hearts.  We treasure our memories.  They help us heal. They are meant to be shared. Please share some of our memories of our pets

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May 1987 - June 13 2006

Harry was our free kitty that we got from an add in the paper.  He was an awesome cat who accepted all the newcomers to our household.  He was always affectionate and talkative.  Harry was 19 when he died of old age.  His body just gave out. 




May 1994 - November 14 2006

Akiba was a very vain kitty. He was 12 when he left us.  He had cancer of the kidney.  We will always remember how he conned Flaxen into grooming him.  He was a very agile cat and kept our house free of mice. " Keebs" will definitely be missed.



October 12, 1996 - March 11, 2005

Kitta, as we called her, was our first Mastiff who lived to adulthood.  She was a terrific pooch.  She was able to get her C.D. in 4 shows and would have went on to get her C.D.X. if her knees didn't give out.  We lost her to bone cancer in her shoulder.  She started limping on a Sunday and was gone by that Friday.  We will always miss her. 


Malachy Simba

January 22, 1999 - February 1, 2005

Malachy was a very elusive cat.  He would only come for "lovings" to his family and only when he wanted them.  He loved to chase tiny paper balls. He'd retrieve them just like a dog.  Unfortunately he was quite neurotic.  He became unmanageable, urinating in unacceptable places.  We tried all kinds of remedies, I even tried a pet psychic, (sigh).  Nothing worked and we had to put him down.  His nick name was " Satan Kitty", that should give you an idea of his personality.




January 1998 - June 2003

Wicapkwak was a very conceited bird, always talking to his reflection.  Actually he was very sweet and even talked to the wild birds singing outside.  He became ill and I placed him in a box to take him to the vet, unfortunately, while I went to get my keys, he either escaped or a cat opened the box.  He met a quick end.  Poor bird.




February  20, 1988 - July 2, 2004

Pugs began loosing weight and not eating.  We took him to the vet and his blood work came back normal but he continued to decline.  The vet examined him more thoroughly and found cancer in his intestines.  Sadly we had to put this great kitty down.  He was grumpy as a young one but became snuggly as he aged.  He loved popcorn and would often snag a raw chicken back from a dog's dish.  We bought Pugs from a dumpy petshop that was selling him for two dollars.  He had an upper respiratory infection so we had to buy him and get him healthy. 


?/?/1991 - June 1, 2003

Our mom (in-law) adopted Sweetie from a shelter. We took care of him when her health failed and she could no longer keep him.  He fit in the household like a dream!  Obedient even though he was never trained.  He was our mastiff's favorite playmate. Absolutely loved the raw diet.  Was a strong fighter 'til the end.  And of course he was extremely sweet.  That's how he got his name.  We lost him to anal gland cancer.



Narco Lynn

May 14, 1987 - June 7, 2002

Narco was also adopted from a shelter.  She was obedient and loving.  She loved to rough house with your hands protected by gloves.  She was also the family vacuum cleaner.  Perky and playful she ruled the house over our big dogs (Dane, Mastiff & Wolfhound). As a pup, when we would take her out in the middle of the night during the housebreaking stage, she would fall asleep as soon as you set her down.  It reminded us of a narcoleptic.....so as evil as it was, we named her Narco.


March 23, 1992 - January 14, 2001

Large but lean. Our sister (in-law) Mary brought Yavo to us.  He was a stray but he had a collar so she was sure we would find his home. Well, he ended up part of our family.  He was an aggressive player with the other cats but loving to humans.  The vet kept wanting to take him home.  We lost him to cancer of the tongue.  Yick.


Ashley Arthur

July 12, 1981 - February 5, 1990

Ashley was very snuggly and overweight.  Perhaps he carried a few to many pounds because he  loved dunkin' donuts.  His eyes were hypnotic and he was very striking.  It's difficult to appreciate his great gray color because this photo is an old one.   He and Trixie, (the next picture) were best buds because they were the only pets at Denise's house before she got married.  Ashley died of cardiomyopathy.



Trixie Rea

July 9 1983 - November 28 1992

Trixie was our one and only Frisbee dog and she was great at it! We think she had some Belgian shepherd in her and she displayed superior obedience and was very loving.  Brian's brother found her as a stray and Denise conned her parents into letting her keep the pup. Trixie had fleas like we've never seen before and at 3 months of age she only weighed 8 pounds.  With constant attention she regained her health and became a truly wonderful dog.


Rugby VanWrinkle

June 19, 1991 - January 14, 2000

Rugby was one of the tiny ones in his litter.  He had to have operations on both shoulders.  He also had the comical great dane personality. He loved cardboard tubes, pushing into stomachs, and to be to be groomed. He used to dance when his butt was scratched. Another one we lost to cancer, cancer of the liver.


Irish Brogue

March 17, 1993 - February 24, 1994

Such a sweet mastiff boy.  We know now that his coat was incorrect but he sure was a cutie.  He brought life and love to our house but he contracted a severe case of taxoplasmosis.  Vet said he had contracted it, most likely, as a small pup.  Maybe even before we brought him home.  Anyway the bacteria set up a colony in his spine and took out all of his control of his rear end. Very , very sad.

Kory Mander

May 15, 1990 - May 5, 1995

We know that some iguanas can enjoy human contact.  Kory wasn't one of them.  He was aggressive and antisocial but interesting and fun to watch.  Brian built him a cool habitat with plenty of room to move and bask.  We actually lost him to ?skin cancer?  We think he was actually a she but we couldn't quite change the way we thought about him.(her) See what I mean.


Zushka Yurke

July 10, 1988- December 31, 1990
Zuchka was a stitch.  She had those little rosettes in her fur and if you swirled them the opposite direction, she would make little squeaky noises.

Veronica Lee

July 3, 1990 - November 26, 1991

  We acquired her as an adult guinea.    She was given to us by one of my students.  She must not have been held much because she was always skittish. She was cute but never truly wanted to be touched.

Quincy Ipswitch

April 9, 1987 - January 14, 1991

Quincy was one of the first to start squeaking when we would open the crisper drawer of our fridge.  If there's one thing we miss about not having guinea's it's their squealing for attention or food.

G. Q.

November 1, 1989 - November 3, 1991

You can't tell by the picture but G.Q. had a bit of white on his hands and his chest.  It reminded us of a fancy dresser. So that's how he got his name.  He was a typical gerbil. Active and fun to watch.

Wabanzie Zimbobway

May 17, 1987 - August 12, 1988

Our only rat.  He was so very cool.  He was a smart fellow and very sweet to hold.  He would give you kisses.  Loved to explore.  He got some kind of upper respiratory disease and died before I could treat him.

Mini Kins

March 13, 1987 - May 21, 1992

One of our cutest rabbits.  The only lop eared we ever owned.  You could look into her face for hours.  Liked to hop around the front room and pull up carpet threads.  We don't have carpet in our home anymore.  It's just easier with so many pets sharing our home. Sometimes Mini would chase a cat or two.

Cocoa Wheats

December 12, 1989 - November 12, 1991

As silly a guinea pig as there ever was.  Sorry about the poor quality photo but it was the only one we could find.

Dinsdale Montgomery

January 7, 1988 - December 10, 1990

Friendly little rodent.  Would spend hours chewing the wire of his cage.  Would do anything for a sunflower seed.  Had to watch how many we gave him cuz he started to get fat.

Sliver Wurst

August 1, 1988 - November 11, 1989

You can't tell by this photo but Sliver has some gray in his coat.  He was a spunky gerbil who had an accident and broke his back.  The vet said he probably would do fine if he couldn't feel his back end.  He did do fine for a while.  His front end built up muscle and he ate and played.  But then the nerves in his back began to heal and he wouldn't stop chewing his rear.  Sad ending to a cool gerbil.

Uguale Agouti

August 7, 1986 - September 20, 1991

Uguale was your common gerbil.  His left side had some paralysis probably from his age.  He lived the longest of any of our gerbils.

Eensy Weensy

? - January 8, 1991

Eensy was the tiniest little thing. He was a cage brother to Dinsdale and Dinsdale toward over Eensy.  He loved to play hide and seek in your hands.

Murphy Morrison

August 2, 1988 - August 4, 1991

Our one and only hamster.  Murphy belonged to a teacher friend of mine who couldn't keep him anymore.  He was a teddy bear hamster and cute as a button.  He loved to rush the cage and chew where ever your finger was.


Diana Moonshine

April 20, 1987 - September 19, 1993

Both Diana and Boing were big white rabbits that were given to us by my sister (in-law) because her kids weren't taking care of them.  Brian built a cool pen for them in our basement and the cats would snuggle in with them for naps.  Although they looked very similar, Diana was a snob and Boing was friendly.


Boing Boing

April 20, 1987 - September 22, 1992

See above.


Wisawa Sun

February ? 1999 - October 20, 2001

Wisawa was a yellow parakeet that was purchased as a buddy for Pecker.  But as you can see by the dates, Pecker left soon after we got her.  She was a little chatter box like most parakeets are.

Pecker Head

October 1, 1995 - June 12, 1999

Pecker was found in our apple tree on October 1st.  So that isn't his real birthdate it's more like his found on date.  He was a pretty blue with tinges of gray.  A sweet thing but I don't know how we ever managed to catch him because when he got out in the house, catching him was an all day ordeal.


Jinx Meister

April 24, 1992 - March 15, 1994

Jinx was a great little guy but oooo the musk.  Not another male mouse for us. He was another school pet that finished his life here at the Farley house.  Mice are just so cute!



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