On this page you will get to know our three four dogs.  (If we could have more…we would but the city won’t allow more than 3)  We tend to enjoy the large breeds, Irish Wolfhound and Mastiff, but once in a while a smaller dog slips in.  Please spend a moment with our dogs.




Happy Dog Griffin


Griffin (Irish Wolfhound) was born on Valentine's Day in 2000.  We traveled from Illinois all the way down to a breeder in Texas to get him.  It was quite a trip.  He's a happy dog who needs his lovin's every day.  He purposely dips his beard in his water and then lays his head in your lap.  What a jokester.


12 Weeks,  Can't quite sit straight I don't have my beard yet
arrgh arrgh arrgh arrgh

Sister Kitta put up with sooo much.

Wispy face
Practicing for the show ring Dinner Time!!




Our Great Dane was born in April of 2003.  "Persephone" is the Greek goddess of spring, and "Orthia" is Greek goddess of the hunter.  She is already stalking and pouncing like a little hunter.  She came to us from a breeder in Michigan.

Yes, may I help you?
Guilty Pooch Sleepy Time
Playing with my sister Happy Happy Joy Joy

Persephone always gets the last word!


Precious Pup Meshak

Our new Mastiff! He was born on April 23, 2005, and comes from a breeder in Wisconsin.  Unlike his sister Kitta, Meshak gives big wet kisses. He loves attention and really enjoys the water. Weather allowing, he always visits the pool before he comes in the house.  He's growing in leaps and bounds and we can't believe he was ever small enough to pick up!


I love the water Nap Time
Posin' Bath Time




Our rescue dane came to us on Labor Day weekend.  We think we are his fifth home.  He was probably born sometime in November of 2004.  He came to us untrained and very dominant.  Fortunately he has been taking our guidance pretty well.  He has fit in to the family very well as portrayed in the 3 way tug photo above.


At Attention

First day, we had his wart on his nose removed.

Reeeeally thirsty
I give I give!!! Lets Play
Whoo Hoo!!!



No Stamps Needed

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