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 Harrison Warner

Flaxen, born August of 1990, was a birthday present acquired from the local shelter. He has the loudest purr of any of our cats.  Flaxen will be enrolling soon in kitty weight watchers.  He is a feline fur-stylist, he loves to groom all the other cats.

 Bad Photo Awkward Kitty

Play Time


Flaxen waits patiently for the rodent to immerge....


Ahhhh....  That feels gooooood.



 Harrison Warner

Oslo is our Thanksgiving Kitty.  About 8pm, while watching TV, we heard a "meow".  We couldn't tell where it was coming from.  Tracing the sound to the front door, we found a kitten mewing on the porch.  We opened the door and he walked right in as if he lived here.  We posted kitten found ads, and signs.  Since no one responded to our posts  he became part of the family.  He's is a very affectionate and will give you a hug if you let him.

Too tired to pose


What you got

Being tortured on the rack

Garbage pail Oslo

After misbehaving Olso was thrown away.  Don't worry, we don't do this anymore, we recycle!

My Teddy bear




 Harrison Warner

Born February of 1997.  He was an "Ooops my cat had kittens", kitten.  We didn't mind accepting Nimbus because we wanted a gray cat.  Nimbus might have some Siamese in him and this makes him quite the talker. He is also our most slender, delicately boned cat.


Hey, good lookin, too bad I'm fixed.
Wanting to go outside Playing with a bucket
Go Away

"Put the camera down now and back away slowly"

Laser Tag




 Harrison Warner

Born April 2001, Max was an "Ooops the land lord found out we have a kitty, and I gotta get rid of him" kitty.  He drools, weird for a cat.  He is highly skittish, but sometimes snuggly.  He just doesn't like fast, abrupt movements.  

If you could pet me...I'd probably drool.
Stay still, I'll come to you! You moved too fast, I'm hiding.

Maximus during one of his anti-social moments.

Room to stretch

Maximus showing off his extremely luxurious fur.  No mats, no shaving so far...

I'll get REAL close if I like you!


No Stamps Needed

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