The pictures that follow are of our fish.  We have a 100-gallon freshwater pond and a 135-gallon saltwater tank.  We hope you enjoy meeting the many fish that live in our home.  Each one has a distinct personality.  The most colorful get a name and usually are a source of much conversation or consternation, depending on their antics.  For example, Dot is quite the dominatrix of the salt-water tank.  She really stresses the other fish.  (We donít truly know her sex, we just assigned her one.)



Marine Tank


Three Stooges

This is a great shot of our Naso Tang.  She is looking right at me and probably thinking, " Where's the food!

Our Yellow Tang is a bit spooked by the camera, he is usually a much more vibrant yellow.

Lots of Yellow

Clown Tang

Yellow Tang Peeking

I'm really big for a Green Chromis

Our Green Chromis, is the small fry in the tank.

Dot and Clown Tang

Our skunk clown and our three dot damsel fight over the Ritteri anemone all of the time.


Tomato clown is scooting up to his long tentacle anemone while our lemon peel angel gets caught by the camera.  She is quite illusive!


Close up of our Long tenticle
Perchy on Urchy Skunk clown in his anemone
Nice cameo of Tomato Clown Pencil Urchin, Center Stage..he is our oldest tank member
Tiny Star Fish and snail tracks -


Marine Tank


Our Koi and two catfish Our bluegill
Koi, Catfish closeup Here they are again from afar
six lined something  

This is our mystery fish....we didn't even know he was in there until recently.   If you know what he is please email us, we'd love to know.




No Stamps Needed

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